Wednesday, 6 April 2016

What Roxy did next..

Six weeks ago I arrived in Japan, after wanting to work abroad for so long I decided it was time to do it. I applied for jobs back in England and got a job teaching English. As I type this I'm sat in my tiny messy room drinking a Highball (Scotch and Soda) after finishing a long shift at work.

The change was a big change and has forced me to become a slightly different person. I feel a lot less shy than I did in the UK, yet I'm managing to be more socially awkward - not knowing the language does that to you.

But I'm loving my time here so far. I don't think I'll particularly write about events in any order but just as and when the creative bug strikes me.

So today's post... It's Sakura Season in Japan, which means all the cherry blossoms are out and the parks get super crowded and people have drunken picnics under the trees to appreciate the flowers (Or perhaps the alcohol?).

I must admit that while the cherry blossom is beautiful, I just don't understand why everyone likes Hanami so much. Perhaps I'm just some uneducated slob who can't appreciate the beauty, but it's just a load of flowers to me!

But for those of you that do appreciate it, I'll leave you to enjoy the few pictures I took of the Sakura around Ueno Park.

So what do you think? Just flowers, or is there something I'm missing?


  1. I LOVE cherry blossoms, so I'd probably go through a few weeks of photographing them before the novelty wore off! I'm glad you're enjoying it. x

    1. I'm loving it. The Sakura season is so short here, perhaps only three weeks, if that, so you'll have to photograph like a maniac!!

  2. Good for you, Roxy, glad to hear that you're enjoying yourself. I love cherry blossom, not so keen on the drunken picnic part mind you. Whenever I think of Japan, I always think of cherry blossom.

    1. Thank you Rosie, I'm loving it here! To be honest, the drunken picnic is not quite as bad as a drunken British Picnic, most people are reasonably respectful.


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