Sunday, 14 August 2016

Japan and Juice - Grapefruit Chūhai

So one of the best things about living in Japan is the fact that my local "convenience store" known in Japan as Konbini (コンビニ) is open 24/7! Take that Tesco Metro and your inconvenient opening hours. Now I've not tried this yet, but I think this means I can buy alcohol around the clock! And just for typing that my liver has begun to hate me. But hey! You can't keep me away from Chūhai (チューハイ), basically a canned alcopop.

I've always had a love for alcopops. In particular my old favourite Hooch. A classic 90s beverage for the British underage drinkers. So obviously I would develop a strong love for Chūhai, so I figured why not tell you guys about them. Because I need an excuse to drink more, obviously!

So welcome to my new series clumsily entitled Japan and Juice. Cos you know it's kinda hard being Roxi D-O-double-G. (God, I hate myself sometimes) I mean that and obviously thinking up creative blog series titles is not my forte. It was almost called "Diary of an Alcoholic" which is about as creative...

And now let me introduce the feature beverage, it's not just any old normal Chūhai , no, this is better, this is PREMIUM! Pink Grapefruit flavour. Now I can't be sure as my kanji reading skills are non-existent, however I believe this is made with 90% pure juice. 

Because it tastes like fruit juice, I could pretty much drink this all day long, which is dangerous. Although with such low alcohol content, I'm not sure I'd manage to get drunk on this alone, perhaps more high on the sugar content. However it is really refreshing and is a perfect Summer drink.

Now check out the picture of it in a posh glass... (just don't look at the stains on my shelf that no amount of scrubbing will clean.)

There's only 3% alcohol so it's actually quite weak, but what it lacks in alcohol it makes up for in flavour. It's smooth, real smooth, like drinking fresh grapefruit juice (unsurprisingly!) only slightly fizzy, with a faint hint of alcohol. 

In all it's perfect if you're not a big drinker, or don't like your alcohol to taste of alcohol. However in my opinion, whilst it's delicious, it would be an excellent mixer for adding a few shots of vodka, or sticking a few cans into a summer punch bowl as the "fruit juice mixer with a added kick!"   What can I say I like my alcohol strong!

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Boss Coffee

Working life can be hard right? Especially when you're so busy all the time. How's a girl with insomnia supposed to survive? In the UK my survival technique was tea, good old British Tea with milk and sugar. Here I've had to get myself onto something stronger and fast! Don't worry, it's nothing illegal, just coffee!

When I was first here I had a bad habit of buying Starbucks everyday but at close to  ¥400 (approx £3) and sometimes more per coffee I quickly had to stop buying Starbucks. I moved on to buying canned coffees.

Now having lived in Liverpool for a huge chunk of my life I couldn't resist buying coffees from the Suntory range of Boss Coffee. For those of you uneducated about a Scouser's use of the word "boss" it's generally used to portray something positive, something awesome. If something's good you'll often hear a Scouser say "Aw that's boss, that is!" So when a brand of coffee describes itself as boss, could I really say no?

Now here's the catch, Boss Coffee, well it's just not that "boss!" It's just your general run of the mill coffee, no better or worse than any other can/carton/cup of coffee I've tasted. In fact it's a little too sweet for me, that said I shouldn't really be blaming this on the coffee brand and more on my total lack of Japanese skills, I guess if you can't read the language there's no way to know if it has sugar in it or not!

The "boss" thing about Boss Coffee is most definitely the adverts, if you've not seen them before check these out:

Boss right?